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El dulce

Utiel-Requena Denomination of Origin


Grape variety

Ageing process: 5 months in French oak barrels

Wine processing

Wine produced with Garnacha variety at 15 degrees Baumé. 48 hours after the maceration 900 litres of must are transferred to a 1,000-litre tank. Slight cold débourtage. The fermentation process starts at a very low temperature (11-12º C) up to achieve 8% alcohol by volume. At that moment the must is corrected by adding wine alcohol in order to reach 15% alcohol by volume. The amount of sugar of this wine (120 g/l) comes from the grapes used in the production.

The ageing process lasts five months in more than two-year-old French oak barrels.

Tasting notes

Colour: Surprisingly bright maroon red
Nose: The variety has a presence with its whole aromatic potential: wild strawberries and blackberries with light floral notes of lilacs.
Palate: Round, fresh and velvety taste. Full-bodied and without edges. This wine has refined tanning, but bulky and wide.


The presence of toasted aniseed-flavoured notes coming from the barrel make of this wine a perfect combination for desserts and confectionery produced with anise and dried fruit and nuts.

Almond sponge cakes
Wine-soaked sponge cake
Chocolate sponge cake
León-style sponge cake
Christmas sweets: marzipan, nougat, Spanish polvorones, dry figs, dates, etc.
French toast
Saint John’s cake
Coca de turrón from Majorca
Buñuelos from Ampurdán
French toast
Mostillo with honey and nuts
Honeyed puff pastries
Dry figs from Lepe
Spanish bread with dried figs
Castilian-style crepes with chestnut sauce
Basque Zurrakapote

Considering the raw materials used in the production of this wine, it matches nicely with all kinds of fruits found on the nose or palate such as: Natural red fruit
Candied red fruit
Pears poached in red wine

This wine pairs well with desserts made of chocolate due to its silky taste and the absence of astringency or harshness. This is also thanks to its round and polished tannin and it slight liquor taste.

Chocolate cake
Chocolate and red fruit cake
Chocolate pudding
Chocolate soufflé
Chocolate brownies
Chocolate sticks
Chocolate crepes
Chocolate truffles
Chocolate fondue with fruits



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