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L2ces Tinto

Utiel-Requena Denomination of Origin

LAS DOSCES, the young red oaked wine of Chozas Carrascal

Grape variety

Bobal, Tempranillo and Syrah.
Ageing process: five months in French Allier barrel

Wine processing

A young red wine matured in wine casks at 13.5º C.
Each variety is vinified separately. Fermentation is performed at a controlled temperature below 25ºC. The maceration process lasts approximately two weeks for the Tempranillo variety and three for Syrah. Two automated pigeages per day, and two deléstage during the maceration process when one and two thirds of the fermentation have already bean reached.
The free-run musts from each variety are transferred to two or three year old barrels and left to age for five months.
Before bottling, both musts are finally blended (coupage).

Tasting notes

Colour: Picota cherry red with bright violet hues that highlight the wine’s youth.
Nose: Predominance of red fruit. Soft toasted aromas with subtle balsamic notes.
Palate: Fresh, smooth and intense. Characterized by the silky sensation of the Syrah and the structure of Tempranillo.


To appreciate the full potential of this wine we recommend serving it at a temperature of around 13°C. Bearing in mind the relatively short ageing process of this wine, its youth and its meaty and fruity taste, we can say that it pairs very well with blue or fatty fishes such as sardines, fresh anchovies, mackerel, trout, tuna, bonito, salmon and swordfish, etc. It matches with any fish with strong flavours and with the consistency of balancing the structure and body of a young wine.

Wine tasting glass: Spiegelau Authentics 01.

Food & wine pairings:

This wine pairs specially well with:

Bilbao-style ratatouille
Broad beans with chorizo
Bilbao-style piquillo peppers filled with meat
White beans with squid
Thistle with meat
Pasta with pork meat
Basque-style piperrada
Fried white tuna loin
Pasta Bolognese
Bonito with red wine sauce
Marmitako of tuna or bonito
White tuna fat loin



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